Welcome to the official website of the novel, “Palm Avenue.” Here you can see insights from the author and read articles about Hollywood that pertain to topics brought up in the novel. You can also see pictures of the stomping grounds portrayed in the novel. I hope you enjoy, and please but the novel that is available as a paperback, or as an ebook. You may also purchase an autographed copy of the paperback, shipped via priority mail for $15.95 – just send your email inquiry to neighbs909@gmail.com.


Front Cover Palm Avenue

Every year thousands of naïve young women arrive in Los Angeles, full of ambition and dreams of stardom. Few realize that there is a steep price of admission into the club that involves flesh, blood, and large chunks of soul. Ashley Duncan flees her small Kansas hometown and family farm to pursue the Hollywood dream. She takes a crash course on how to succeed in Tinseltown, trading on her looks and sexuality. An agent she meets sums it up this way, “I’ll be honest with you, Ashley. You have the look that we’re looking for. You definitely have the look, but a lot of girls have that. A lot of girls have talent. The question is, do you have everything else it takes? Do you have the temperament, the guile, the cajones, to do what it takes?” Ashley decides early on, she will do whatever is necessary. Things get more complicated when Ashley’s high school sweetheart, Brady, arrives in LA, in a desperate attempt to win her back. Ashley and Brady don’t realize it, but they are now guests of that infamous California hotel, where you can check out, but you can never leave.