The Sunset Strip


The Pink Taco used to be the “Roxbury”

The infamous Sunset Strip plays an important part in the novel, “Palm Avenue.” That section of the boulevard known as the Sunset Strip is a big part of Hollywood and is ever changing as new hotels go up and some of the old landmarks go down. When I first came to LA over twenty years ago, I would drive up and down the Sunset strip, just like I used to cruise Main, in my hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming.

Of course, many of the famous places on the Sunset Strip are still there – The Whiskey, the Roxy, the Rainbow Room, the Viper Room, and the Chateau Marmont, among others. The original House of Blues is scheduled to be torn down, as is Hustler Hollywood, which are relatively new buildings, to make way for new hotels. The Marlboro Man that stood at the curve near the Chateau Marmont is long gone, a victim of political correctness.


Palm Avenue adjoins the Sunset Strip

Hot clubs have come and gone. The Pink Taco, was a sushi place before that, and was the infamous Roxbury Club before that. The two story building that used to house the original Spago sits empty, overlooking a public parking lot sits empty, but the ghosts of all the famous people who partied there still remain. Tower Records is long gone, as the music business literally imploded with the internet.


The Marlboro Man falls victim to political correctness

Ashley, in the novel gets a job as a hostess at the fictional nightclub Kraven, just as many young actors do when they first come to LA. Landing a job like that is no easy task, because some of the best looking people in the world are competing for those spots. Everyone wants to be discovered, and to be near the action. The Sunset Strip still sees plenty of action.

Sunset Strip Landmarks

  • The Roxy
  • The Whiskey
  • House of Blues (soon to be demolished)
  • Chateau Marmont
  • The Viper Room
  • The Comedy Store


    Gratuitous California nudity

As I drive down Sunset Strip now I am amazed at the transformation. It is very corporate now. It has changed the way the Las Vegas Strip has changed over the years. The sense of danger is gone. No more hookers walking the Strip at night. Big, expensive hotels are rising everywhere, along with expensive restaurants and night clubs. Much of the charm is gone too.


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