Los Angeles Crime Scenes

As you drive around Los Angeles, ghosts of its brutal history are everywhere – infamous Los Angeles crime scenes pepper the entire city. Even innocuous looking Palm Avenue in West Hollywood has seen a brutal murder and a police shooting in recent years. Not far away from that, actor Sal Mineo (Rebel Without a Cause) was stabbed to death behind his apartment on Holloway back in the 70’s. As you drive the canyons that separate the LA Basin from the San Fernando Valley, the locations of many gruesome crimes throughout the years, including the Sharon Tate murder, and the Wonderland Killings are sitting in the shadows.crimescene1


Middle building scene of Wonderland killings

A tract home now sits on the infamous location of the Black Dahlia murder in Mid City Los Angeles. The condo where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered has since been torn down, as has OJ’s old house. The home where the La Bianca murders took place in Los Feliz still stands and is occupied as a residence. The Ambassador Hotel where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated was torn down years ago. The structures may no longer exist, but the history remains.

Infamous Los Angeles Crime Scenes

  • The Black Dahlia
  • Cielo Drive
  • Wonderland Drive
  • Hillside Strangler dumping grounds
  • Notorious BIG


    Building where Sal Mineo was murdered

The crime history in Los Angeles is especially sensational because in many cases celebrities were involved. Former stars now on the downslide, driven by desperation and drugs. Wannabe celebrities driven by resentment and obsession. Jealous rages driven by alcohol and sexual deviance. Money and greed have been the motive of many sensational crimes in Los Angeles. A history of police corruption also runs deep within the LAPD and other adjoining police departments.  


Scene of Manson murders

The novel, Palm Avenue is not a crime book. It explores the desperation, the drug addiction, and the hyper sexual and image conscious environment that is a part of the Hollywood culture. A prime breeding ground for murder, suicide, and mayhem. A passage from the book details one character’s sexual obsession for Ashley, the main character, that is so strong that he is contemplating murder: “Efrain looked at his watch – it was 1:45 AM. He had been sitting on Ashley’s street for over three hours. He thought he should just cut his losses and leave, but he couldn’t do that. He decided he would go into the courtyard and see if she was in her apartment. Maybe she was there with someone. He didn’t know what he would do if she was, but he had to know. He was capable of killing someone. He had killed men in Iraq and had enjoyed it.”

Find out what happens by reading “Palm Avenue” today. The sequel to Palm Avenue will get much darker. It will explore the depths of depravity that people with unlimited money are willing to dive to.

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