Materialism in Los Angeles


The Sunset Strip

Materialism in Los Angeles is all a part of the glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood. Los Angeles in many ways, may be the most materialistic city in the world. In Los Angeles, the car is king, and there are probably more luxury cars per capita in this city than anywhere else on the planet. Image is everything, and that starts with the car, continues with the clothes, and ends with the house.

There are many segments of Los Angeles society where it is a requirement to drive either a Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus, or you are considered a loser.  Of course, most of the luxury vehicles you see rushing around the city are leases. The allusion of wealth is what’s important. Many Los Angeles residents will work two or three jobs to make their luxury car payment, so they aren’t considered losers.

Wardrobe is equally important in the image conscious city.  Los Angeles is known for trend settting when it comes to fashion. All that it takes is for some hot young celebrity to start wearing moccasins, and soon wannabe hipsters throughout the world are all wearing moccasins. The fashion in LA tends to run towards grunge at the moment, but that could all change by next month, when one of the Kardashians decides that skin and bright colors is in.


Los Angeles Skyline

Houses is Los Angeles are ridiculously high. 3000 square foot cottages in West LA run as high as $1,000,000. The lots themselves are worth that much. Then there are the ridiculous mansions all over the city that residents just get used to as they are driving by them. Huge hedges conceal the properties. David Geffen’s Beverly Hills home requires 27.000 gallons of water a day, and that is during one of the worst droughts in California history.

Out of Control: Materialism in Los Angeles

  • More luxury cars per capita
  • Plastic surgery run amok
  • Allusion of wealth
  • Highest water and energy consumption
  • 60 hour work weeks


    Christian Louboutin Stiletto Heel

The novel, “Palm Avenue,” address materialism in Los Angeles at length. The character, Jillian, is as caught up in the cult of materialism to the tenth degree.  A passage in the novel describes her obsession with all of  her possessions that she literally had to sell her soul for:  “She continued looking through her clothes. She knew she had paid in flesh for each item in the closet. It killed her that she should have to sell anything. She started yanking various items off the rack and throwing them on the floor. She tried to remember where she had bought each item – and who had bought them for her: the Vera Wang gown, the Gucci dress, the coat from Michael Kors. She kicked a pair of Christian Louboutin stiletto heels on the floor and she choked back her tears. She continued her temper tantrum and kicked all of the shoes at the bottom of the closet out of their neatly arranged spaces.”

Palm Avenue is available as a paperback or ebook.

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2 Responses to Materialism in Los Angeles

  1. Morgan says:

    Well, the finest of the fine is quite an attraction. But in the eye of the beholder. My favourite car is the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner-guess that would be a ‘loser’ car in L.A. I do love a good wine but it doesn’t have to cost $300. Does it mean that if you live in a Spartan manner there, you will be friendless? If you are a single social worker, will women shun you? The place fascinates me-the architecture, history, cars. Interesting website-thanks.


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