Psychiatry in Hollywood

Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210

Psychiatry in Hollywood has played a big part of town’s history, as many of the big players have sought professional help from time to time.  I am going to go out on a limb here to say that I believe psychiatry is a worthless, dangerous profession; a form of legalized drug dealing. Celebrities have spent millions on sham psychology and psychiatry and have they benefited one iota?  I think quite the contrary, and in many cases the patients of these quacks ended up completely insane, drug addicted, or dead .  The ”doctors” involved rarely suffered any consequences.

Psychiatrists in Beverly Hills charge hundreds of dollars an hour to basically prescribe dangerous drugs like Xanax,  Valium,  Adderall, Percocet,  Viagra, and  even stronger prescription sedatives. They have pills to take you up and make you go down.  They have pills to instantly change any mood or feeling. Historically, the studios in Hollywood had these scumbags on staff to keep actors performing 24/7. Even when these doctors are caught doing dirty deeds, they hardly face discipline.  Remember Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor? They finally made an example out of him, when his gross misconduct was so obvious, they could no longer cover it up.

In the novel, “Palm Avenue,” there is a character, Dr. Davis, who represents the typical scumbag Beverly Hills psychiatrist to the stars.  Dr. Davis administers intravenous sedatives during “therapy” sessions with his female patients. Dr. Davis has foot fetishes and other sexual kinks and his profession allows him access to a cornucopia of attractive and wealthy females. His strong sedatives relax his patients to a point of oblivion, so he can indulge in his sick fetishes without interruption.  All on the clock of course.

Foot fetish?

Foot fetish?

Dr. Davis is an existentialist, who believes there are no moral absolutes.  He feels zero guilt for anything he does and he counsels his patients accordingly. In the novel, “Palm Avenue,” Dr. Davis counsels his patient, Jillian. She is panicking because she is aging and is afraid she can no longer trade on her looks.

  “Jillian, I appreciate your dramatics, but I think it is important to recognize certain realities and deal with them accordingly. None of us, none can be 25 forever. I experienced similar feelings just after I turned 40, but now I am in my 50’s and I am closer to self actualization than I have ever been. It’s important to know that these are normal phases and transition periods that are a part of life,” Dr. Davis said as he put on latex gloves. He stood and walked over to his desk. He took a syringe that was already loaded and a rubber strap and walked back to his chair.

Jillian watched him with anticipation.

Dr. Davis took her left arm and wrapped the rubber strap around her bicep. “This will relax you,” he said. “This will only hurt a second,” he said.

He quickly found a vein and injected her. Jillian cringed, and then her eyes rolled back into her head as the drug quickly hit her.

“Remember, the solution will present itself when we are open to all of the possibilities,” Dr. Davis said.

Naturally, Jillian highly recommends Dr. Davis to Chloe and Ashley as the solution to all of their problems. It’s only $250 an hour, and he will write a prescription for all kinds of candy. Dr. Davis is fictional character in the novel “Palm Avenue,” and any resemblance to living person is purely coincidental. 

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard

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