Sheridan, Wyoming Book Signing for “Palm Avenue”

Rob Neighbors at Sheridan Stationery

Rob Neighbors at Sheridan Stationery

This past week I traveled to my home town to do a book signing for my novel, “Palm Avenue.”  The book signing was held at Sheridan’s oldest independent book store, Sheridan Stationery on Main Street. The owner of the book store, Robby Smith had called me months earlier when someone in the Sheridan area told her about my book. She asked me if I would be interested in doing the signing when I came to town. Last week it finally happened.

Sheridan Stationery on Main Street

Sheridan Stationery on Main Street

This was my first book signing and I was nervous about it. I have gone to book signing here in LA and the author usually reads excerpts from his or her book and possibly a whole chapter. I chose three excerpts to read, but never had to read them. They do book signings a bit differently in Sheridan, as they have people drop in, like an open house for a couple of hours.

The book store had purchased 35 books for the event and I think they sold and I signed 25 of them. Another ten people or so dropped in that already had books and I signed them. I saw many old friends and relatives from the area and had a really good experience. It was my first book signing and I considered it a success. I was talking to people and signing books for most of the two hours allotted to me. Thank you, Robby Smith and Sheridan Stationery for having me. Also, thank you Gary Walsh for letting Robby know about it.

I have started on the sequel to “Palm Avenue,” which I am tentatively calling “Cliffside Drive.”   I am also applying to a residency program where I can write the second novel and devote all of my time to it. I hope I get it and it would be a wonderful opportunity for me as a writer. I wrote the first draft of “Palm Avenue,” in four months, working on it seven days a week, as I also had to make a living. I believe it is best to write the first draft non-stop, or it may get disjointed.

Here is an excerpt from the new novel:

      Michael Levin and his number one client, Jack Wrangler had been right. “Cat and Mouse,” the independent thriller helmed by the hottest new writer/director in town, was the perfect vehicle to catapult newcomer, Ashley Duncan to super-stardom.  The low budget thriller was picked up at Sundance and distributed by a major studio and it quickly became the breakout hit of the summer.  Ashley Duncan was suddenly in the news, and a team of the top lawyers, publicists, and agents in Century City were working hard to make sure she would soon be a household name.  As the lead actress in the movie, part of her job was to promote the film, and she went on a whirlwind tour of television shows to do just that.

She arrived at Fox studios one hot, August afternoon for her biggest interview ever, with veteran entertainment reporter, Sandy Klass.  After hair and makeup, Ashley sat, looking amazing wearing a white cashmere sweater and strategically torn blue jeans in a brightly lit television set.  Across from her sat Sandy Klass, the entertainment reporter for the national prime time news show, “Current Events”.  Ashley sported a perfect smile and listened as Sandy read from a sheet, a list of accolades.

“One reviewer writes, “Ashley Duncan exhibits a rare combination of qualities: innocence, vulnerability, natural beauty, and smoldering sexuality.” Another writes, “Ashley Duncan is probably the most exciting new find to hit the silver screen since Marilyn Monroe. Ashley’s nuanced performance in Cat and Mouse is a home run for the actress, right out of the box.” A third writes, “Newcomer Ashley Duncan steals every scene in Cat and Mouse. The camera just can’t seem to get enough of her.”

Downtown Sheridan

Downtown Sheridan

I will be doing another book signing, here in Los Angeles on Tuesday, September 8th at Book Soup in West Hollywood. Book Soup is also one of the oldest and few remaining independent book stores in Los Angeles. It is also just half a block away from the actual Palm Avenue depicted in my novel. Since I am a self publisher, promoting this book signing will be entirely up to me. My friend, fellow author and poet, Sonny Donato had one of the most successful book signings in the history of Book Soup for his book “Poet’s Guide to the Bars,”, so I will follow his lead and do what he did.

Author Sonny Donato signing books

Author Sonny Donato signing books

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