Boy’s Town, West Hollywood

Boy's Town crosswalk

Boy’s Town crosswalk

Boy’s Town is the area on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood where Palm Avenue ends to the south. The neighborhood is the gay heart of Los Angeles. The area of Santa Monica Boulevard from Fairfax Avenue on the east to Holloway Ave. on the west is known as Boy’s Town and is lined with gay nightclubs, boutiques, coffee shops, and gyms. On weekend nights the area is booming with activity from LA’s gay scene. This is the area Brady first finds himself in right off the plane from Kansas in the novel, “Palm Avenue”.

Brady is shocked by the open display of homosexuality as he walks through Boy’s Town on a Saturday night.  The home coming king and  former football quarterback of his high school football team, Brady has never felt like such a piece of meat in his life as he walks past the gay nightclubs pulling his suitcase behind him. The open depravity of Hollywood is overwhelming for him, but at the same time exciting. Purchase the ebook of “Palm Avenue” for $1.99.

Boy's Town Saturday Night

Boy’s Town Saturday Night

As he moves east down Santa Monica Boulevard he runs into the Russian section of the neighborhood, where he once again realizes he is not in Kansas anymore. LA can be a scary place when anybody first arrives. Get off the beaten path and who knows what you will run into in Los Angeles.

Boy’s Town in West Hollywood

  • Home of annual Halloween Carnaval
  • Location of annual Gay Pride parade
  • Home to gay nightclubs, Rage, the Abbey, Revolver
  • Largest Gay population per capita in LA
  • Santa Monica Boulevard from Fairfax to Holloway

    Barney's - "No fags allowed"

    Barney’s – “No fags allowed”

The book, “Palm Avenue,” explores the boundaries that people push as they adjust to life in Los Angeles – moral, spiritual, and sexual boundaries. One thing for sure, the characters will never be the same once the lines of normality are blurred.

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