Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Jack Wrangler is an old style movie star who’s A-list status is about to be downgraded, but he just doesn’t know it yet. In the novel, “Palm Avenue,” Jack is the first big celebrity who Ashley comes in contact with, at the Sunset Strip nightclub where she works. Ashley can’t believe what an asshole the movie star she grew up worshiping is in real life.  Jack believes his own press as they say, and is used to having his ass kissed by just about everybody. He also knows how to reel in naïve young actresses, by treating them like shit.

Jack never was a great actor, but instead made his name by basically playing himself in mafia pictures. A native of New Jersey, and an Italian American with dashing good looks, Jack was discovered by a great American film director and was cast in almost all of the director’s films. Jack acted in about one film a year and could draw crowds of people who waited all year to see him. He had a hard core group of fans, mostly men, who may not go to any other movie all year, but would gladly shell out $12 to see Jack.

What's my motivation?

What’s my motivation?

After Jack’s mentor died, however, Jack changed his Hollywood career strategy. Jack became a “whore” to any producer would pay him. Producers would pay him up to $12 million a picture, because his name was worth it finance films and sell tickets. Jack does stupid comedies, cameos, and ridiculous action pictures for money. Jack even does beer commercials to make big paychecks. Unfortunately, Jack ‘s legacy is tarnished by all the part whoreing. Jack just doesn’t know it yet.

In “Palm Avenue,” Jack represents the old school Hollywood that is quickly being replaced by the new school of Netflix, television series, sequels, and computer generated blockbusters. Jack is a dinosaur who’s day has come and gone, and he continues drinking, drugging, and banging broads to keep upthe delusion that he is still relevant.  Jack’s weakness is beautiful blonde women, and Ashley, from Colby, Kansas, is the flavor of the day.

Hideaway for Hollywood Stars

Hideaway for Hollywood Stars

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