Chloe is a complex character in the novel, “Palm Avenue.” Chloe is a hard driving and successful pharmaceutical representative who wins all of the top sales awards in her division. Chloe makes her living flirting with doctors in Los Angeles and Orange County, and persuading them to prescribe her company’s drugs. She has a condo in a ritzy high rise building in West Hollywood.  She drives the newest BMW.  Chloe works hard, and parties hard.  She regularly gets high on her own supply and she uses pills to get up, down, and everywhere in between. Chloe is also a closeted lesbian.

Chloe runs into Ashley and it is love at first sight – for Chloe, anyway.  Chloe is used to working hard and getting what she wants, and she sets her sights on Ashley with the same fervor that she does when she goes after a sales bonus. Chloe has a taste for fine clothes, fine dining, and designer drugs, and she suspects she can utilize all of those things to seduce the naïve Ashley. Chloe has been successful seducing straight women before, including Jillian.

A passage in the book describes Chloe’s strategy: “Chloe would spend some money on the new girl, buy the poor naïve thing some new clothes, wine and dine her, seduce her slowly. It might take a week or two, but Chloe would get into her panties eventually. So what if it cost her a few hundred dollars? Chloe had just received an $8,500 bonus, thanks to the new high blood pressure drug she had been pushing.”

The road to Palm Springs

The road to Palm Springs

Chloe convinces Ashley to take a weekend away with her to a fancy new five star resort in Palm Springs. Ashley is definitely wowed by the luxury hotel, expensive spa treatments, pills, prescription grade marijuana, and champagne. Chloe takes the old adage to heart, “always be closing,” and uses everything that she has to lull Ashley into her clutches. Ashley, once again finds out, that everything is not as it seems in California, and Palm Avenue.

Luxury has its price

Luxury has its price

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    Very Intriguing!


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