arune23There are many sexual situations in the novel, “Palm Avenue”. I didn’t write the sex into the book to be sexy, romantic, or titillating.  Sex in the book is either used by the characters as a weapon, a tool, or to anesthetize emotional pain. Somebody who read the book suggested that I should not have written the sex so explicitly. I wrote it that way because I want the reader to experience the degradation and the sometimes ugliness of it.  Sex, between two people who love each other is a beautiful thing. Sex in other situations can be very base, deviant, and animalistic. I wanted to portray that in the most realistic way possible.

Brady thinks he loves Ashley, but he is really sexually obsessed with her.  He want to be able to control her and he thinks sex is the way to do that.  Ashley is naïve sexually and wants to branch out, and she sometimes does that to achieve a career goal, or add life experience for her acting. She also does it to alleviate emotional pain and loneliness. Jillian uses sex as a bargaining chip and tool. Chloe uses sex to validate herself and fill a void. The chase and seduction are part of the game. Crystal uses sex for everything  because that is her identity and all she knows.

Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont

One woman who read the book said that it made her “wet”. I suppose some of the sex in the book might turn the reader on, but that wasn’t my intention. The sex in the book is usually highly dysfunctional, violent, and manipulative.  The characters are usually under the influence of drugs and alcohol and are so whacked out that they don’t really know what they are doing. The come to in the morning and remember what they have done and are usually shocked and disgusted with themselves.

Chances are, some readers will be offended and disturbed by some of the sexual imagery in Palm Avenue.  It is borderline x-rated, but I think it does have literary value. Some of it is ugly because it is meant to evoke realism. Sex is a big part of the whole Hollywood experience, from the casting couch, to the product, to the motivation for fame and fortune.

Discretion is guaranteed

Discretion is guaranteed

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